You’re a strong woman, but last season was so rough. Transition and loss forced you to table your heart’s desires. Now you feel like a shell of a human.


Now Is Your Moment

More income. More options. More fulfilling relationships. Whatever your deepest heart’s desire, the Real You knows the way. You’ve just got to find her again. 

You want to rekindle your dreams and gifts so you can share yourself freely. You know you are capable of more. But after taking all the right courses and seminars, and even investing in yourself through 1:1 coaching programs, you still FEEL SO STUCK. 

Mondays leave you a crying wreck. Your income is a roller coaster. People come and go from your life long before you’re ready to let them. Somehow, you always find yourself alone on Friday nights ... or trapped inside everyone else’s plans and expectations.

You have big projects and plans of your own. But fear, doubt or procrastination seem to sabotage you at every turn. Disappointment after disappointment keeps piling up. Now, even the people who used to cheer you on are hinting that maybe it’s time to throw in the towel. 

Secretly, you wonder if it’s just too late.

Hello, my name is Lisa Maria

I know how easy it is to believe it’s too late to live out your purpose and calling. But I also believe God desires to transform your lost time into a completely limitless new beginning—one with no more barriers on what you can be, have, do or experience.



Feeling lost or directionless? Wondering why things aren’t “clicking?“ Your authentic self is waiting for you to say “yes” to right now.

What if you could: 

  • Release all the shame, guilt, doubt and self-loathing?
  • Reprogram your thinking to be positive and proactive?
  • Clarify your desires & gifts with the help of an outside eye?
  • Overcome the fear, doubt and procrastination once and for all?
  • Finally receive your deepest heart’s desires without fear of losing them?

FEARLESS & FREE COACHING is a private, personalized journey to get down to the ROOT of what’s holding you back.

Traditional love, money, business or success coaching focuses on surface-level strategies and tactics that often do not address deeply-ingrained stories that keep us stuck. If you have hired coaches who specialize in tangible niche results—yet still find yourself stuck—you need something that goes much deeper.

FEARLESS & FREE COACHING is a 1:1 spiritually-oriented experience will unlock brand-new income streams, opportunities, and relationships for you. Why? Because it bypasses surface-level tactics to get straight down to your HIDDEN SUCCESS BLOCKS: the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are sabotaging your best efforts and intentions.

The good news is .... the same root thoughts, beliefs and emotions are affecting every area of your life ... so you can expect change in every area, not just one.

Once you recognize your success blocks and dissolve them compassionately, you will be amazed at how your energy, motivation and results take care of themselves!

NOW is the best moment to do this work, because it’s the only moment you ever have. I work with passionate, committed women who are ready to see results right away. 

In fact, this partnership is unique precisely because it’s so close!

Most coaching takes place in weekly or bi-weekly calls. FEARLESS & FREE COACHING takes it up a level with daily WhatsApp or Facebook messenger support ... ensuring your questions and challenges get handled immediately, and providing you daily accountability.

With me available in your phone daily, there’s no chance of you getting lost, confused or stuck in yet another negative spiral.

Together we get deep-down into the roots of your success, including: 

  • Your core desires & gifts
  • How to feel better in your life, right now
  • Concrete steps to achieve your dream
  • Personal boundaries and toxic relationships
  • Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical tools you can use right now
  • Practical rhythms for rest, relaxation and natural stress relief
  • Troubleshooting situations that come up each day
  • Tangible, day-by-day life transformation

The results? Well, they speak for themselves.

My clients have used this step-by-step process to finally launch businesses, meet new love, become confident at sales, overcome depression, write their dream book, and so much more. Often after years and years of procrastination and setbacks! The comment I repeatedly hear is, “Finally, I feel like myself and have the results to prove it.”

It’s not your fault that you don’t know how to get where you want to go. But you likely won’t get there on your own. (I didn’t!) And here’s why ...

Right now, you are probably analyzing your problem until you’re blue in the face. I certainly did.

As a modern woman, I was taught to “be smart” and use my head to solve problems. That is, until I went through a world-shaking transition that cost me everything.

In the aftermath, I quickly discovered that I could not “think” my way back to clarity, confidence or forward momentum.

My mind was a useful tool; however, to break through my deepest success blocks, I also had to learn to listen to my soul, my heart and my body.

If thinking harder or making more to-do lists could get you where you want to go, believe me, you’d be there by now.

When you tap into the natural intelligence of your body, heart and soul, you will find a power deeper than the mind. A power to live beyond all the barriers that previously held you back.

I did. And I can help you do this, too.


Here’s How Your Step-By-Step Transformation Unfolds 

Traditionally, coaching takes place through weekly or bi-weekly phone calls. FEARLESS & FREE COACHING takes this model to an even more personalized level... by adding daily support through audio and text messages. This empowers you to work through situations in-the-moment with your coach in your back pocket. 

My Clients Receive:

  • 6 months of 1:1 weekly coaching calls (24 total)

  • Step-by-step companion video curriculum
  • Audio recordings of all coaching calls

  • Weekly written notes & tangible action steps

  • Daily check-ins via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger

  • Support “in your pocket” when things come up
  • A private community of likeminded women

FEARLESS & FREE COACHING takes place over 6 months. Women often ask me, is this length of time really necessary? The answer is: YES. As a coach and as someone who’s undergone transformation herself, I’ve found that it’s possible to get results immediately. (My serious clients do!) At three months, you’ll feel like a totally different person. But to reinforce and create lasting habits of transformation, consistency is required over 20 to 24 weeks. 

"Lisa has been speaking transformation into my life for almost a year. She is a wise, patient and insightful coach. My ambitious heart had been wounded over time, but now, I’ve been liberated from the chains of depression. I’m closer to God than ever before, and am taking steps to live out my purpose in life. I’m grateful for Lisa’s influence in my life."

Rosella Age
Dubai, UAE

"While working with Lisa I finally took the first steps towards starting my own business—a dream I've had for several years. Lisa helped me move through all my fears, mental and emotional blocks and finally take the first steps towards my dreams. Her wisdom and her ability to see clearly what is going on behind the ‘stuckness’ is priceless!"

Birjees Khan
Texas, USA

"I am really getting a lot the coaching with Lisa. I realized I have fear in my heart that blocks me from joy. I’ve been able to take steps past that fear—and have gained new confidence, new clients and new opportunities as a result! I am so happy that Lisa and I found each other."

Wanda Kelly
New Brunswick, Canada

"Lisa Maria’s ability to lead by sample is her strength as a coach. She never asks me to do something she hasn’t done herself. As a result, her insights are practical—not theoretical—and that’s made all the difference for me. What I love about her coaching is that it never leaves me feeling self-critical, only self-reflective. This gentle approach was a welcomed change to the harsh inner voice I used to listen to, and very healing."

Heather Ohlman
Georgia, USA

What Are You Waiting For?

Last season is over, and your moment is now. It’s time to fully express your desires and gifts in the world. And enjoy more income, more options and more fulfilling relationships as a result.


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