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8 Secrets to Feel-Good Productivity for Creative Free Spirits with Big Dreams
— written by Lisa Maria

Why you struggle with focus, time management productivity
How to work with your inner craving for variety and change
Strategies to get more done without feeling chained to a chair


Lisa Maria

Coach, Trainer & Speaker

I am a coach, author, and speaker helping passionate, goal-oriented women who are tired of waiting for “someday” accelerate their success and achieve their Big Dream now. I hold a very expensive, completely useless M.A. in linguistics, but my Ph.D. from the School of Hard Knocks was totally worth the price of admission.

An impatient achiever myself, I was born three weeks early but walked a year late. This cycle of moving forward fast, but falling behind again just as quickly, came to dominate my struggle to achieve my own Biggest Dreams as a woman for more than 30 years. It wasn’t until an unforeseen divorce rocked my world, and all my hard- won achievements fell apart, that I finally discovered the real secret to having everything I wanted right now... all of it... without the blood, the sweat, the tears or the endless to-do lists.

I put what I had discovered immediately into practice. Within two years of my biggest “life fail,” I had found the courage to shave my head and reinvent my personal style, mobilize my income streams, sell everything I owned, travel 20,000 miles solo on 3 continents, fulfill many “bucket-list” items, and finally crash-land in Dubai to start a new life—achieving my lifelong Biggest Dream of living abroad.

Today, while enjoying my adventures as a globe-hopping travelista based in the Middle East, I teach other hard-working but frustrated women of action how to break up with the waiting game, get their show on the road and finally step into the life they truly want. My proven system helps women achieve their Big Dreams in half the time, with half the effort and double the tangible results. Even if that dream has been stuck “on hold” for years!

When I’m not coaching, writing, speaking or traveling, I enjoy spending time with God and friends, cooking vegetarian delights, hanging out with my rescue cat Sima, serving in a multicultural church, practicing Ashtanga yoga, painting my prophetic visions, and chasing caravans of camels in the Arabian Desert.


“Lisa Maria holds me accountable, and she’s real. She speaks the truth and doesn’t care about the consequences. That’s rare. People who are hired say what they want—even coaches often don’t tell you the whole truth like Lisa Maria does. But along with her truthfulness, she’s a great encourager, and she has helped me open up to whatever God has for me. Before we met, I didn’t have any cheerleaders in my life to believe I could step into the amazing dreams I have. I’m blessed to have Lisa Maria.”

“I had been doing successful creative work for a few years but by time I came to Lisa Maria I had a jumbled up, fragmented story and absolutely zero clarity. After one call, Lisa Maria uncovered the common threads that wove through all of my projects and crafted beautiful words to help me to share those threads with the world. Her input not only brought clarity to my work, she brought abundant energy that spilled over to every aspect of my business and ministry!”

"Before working with Lisa, I struggled with depression for years and blamed my marriage for not getting where I wanted to go in life. I had long given up on my dreams. Lisa helped me identify some tightly tangled knots in my thinking that were inhibiting me from living freely as the person I always knew I could be. Now, I'm liberated. The chains of depression broke off long ago. I'm closer to God than ever before, and am taking steps to live out my purpose in life--and it's even bigger and better than what I expected!"

“Lisa Maria’s ability to lead by sample is her strength as a coach. She never asks me to do something she hasn’t done herself. As a result, her insights are practical—not theoretical—and that’s made all the difference for me. What I love about her coaching is that it never leaves me feeling self-critical, only selfreflective. This gentle approach was a welcomed change to the harsh inner voice I used to listen to, and very healing.”

“Working with Lisa Maria has been one of the best experiences I’ve had. She has been a crucial part of my ongoing transformation. I honestly don’t think I couldn’t done it without her! I have worked with other coaches, and I can confidently say that the amount of value that Lisa Maria provides to her clients is unmatched! She is so compassionate and committed to her clients’ success. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

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5 Ways to Break Up with Someday and Live Your Big Dream Now written by Lisa Maria

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