So you woke up one morning and don’t recognize yourself.

You’re smart and capable. You want to live full-out. But things never worked out as planned, and now you feel incredibly lost.
You’re good at take care of everyone else. You keep it together, at least in public. But your own needs are crying out for attention.
You are called to make a difference, yet you feel like such a mess. It’s time to step back, reorient and re-discover what makes you feel fully alive.

Hi, I’m Lisa Maria, author of The Lost Girl’s Guide to Finding Yourself

I know exactly what it’s like as a woman to feel so lost in life. You used to be so certain, before life got in the way. Now don’t know who you are, what you want, or how to move forward. Everyone’s got an opinion. But how many of them have been where you are?


To get where you want to go, you’ll have to do more than think.

You’ll need to tap the God-given wisdom of your body, heart & soul.

The Lost Girl’s Guide to Finding Yourself is your companion for this holistic journey.

This compassionate, step-by-step manual weaves my personal story and all my proven strategies together.

You won’t find a single thing about goal-setting; analyzing skill sets; motivating yourself with rah-rah cheerleading; or faking it ‘til you make it. In fact ... you won’t find much traditional self-help advice at all. 

You will, however, learn who God says you are. (Hint: He thinks you’re more amazing than you do!) And how to listen to the insights of the mind, heart and body He gave you.

I know this method works, because it has worked for me several times over in my life. And for the happy clients I have worked with as a private and group coach.

The best part is, you don’t need any clarity in advance to start moving forward. 

It will even work for you if you don’t currently have clarity on much at all in your life! In fact, it’s probably better that you have as LITTLE clarity as possible right now. (Yes, you heard me right!) 

The Lost Girl’s Guide to Finding Yourself Will Help You answer questions like:

  • Who you really are, what you are truly worth and what you deserve in life
  • Why goal setting doesn’t seem to work when you’re sensitive, empathic and free spirited.
  • How to listen to what your body and heart already know about your desires and gifts
  • Where to go to revive the dreams that might have been long-dead
  • How to “get out of your head” so you can really, fully enjoy your life right now
  • What to do to identify and change the most hurtful stories of your life into triumph

The Lost Girl’s Guide to Finding Yourself walks you through a gentle journey of self-discovery that will activate forward momentum, the natural way. You don’t need to stress, strive or sweat to get from LOST to FOUND.

I can show you how .... because I did it myself.

As a goal-oriented perfectionist who liked to be in control, I was addicted to certainty.

I knew how to make everyone else happy. But the more I pleased others and performed various roles, the more I felt something missing. 

It took an unexpected and devastating life change for me to see what was happening ... and wind up right where I need to be: totally and completely LOST. 

That lost season was the catalyst I needed to reclaim myself. In three years’ time, I had found my way out of my lost season back to the true calling I had lost sight of years before. I crossed a lot of things off my bucket list. And began living the life of my dreams. 

I’ve captured all principles I learned during this season of my life into The Lost Girl’s Guide to Finding Yourself.  Now, I’m excited to help you find you way back home to the person God made you to be. 

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